Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dear Danish

Danish is my friend's son and the only baby I see often (may I have my own soon.) I don't recall getting him anything since the first present I got him when he was 2-days old.

Hope this will be something that will be kept with him til he grows up.

Honestly, this piece took me the longest. Not that it is complex but it has been my piece in between many events including my very first surgery in life. It is also my first piece with a message.

Lessons learned :
- Never leave the cloth in the embroidery hoop in between stitching; remove the hoop when you are not working in it as it will leave a permanent mark on the cloth :(
- always makes sure the kind of pen you use to mark on the fabric. *sighhh* I mistook my washable pen with a ball point pen. :(

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