Thursday, November 3, 2011

First & Foremost

This blog belongs to someone who hates art classes in school and whose late grandmother can draw better than her. Nevertheless, she appreciates all the pretty things around her. :)

Here's my story.

I can't draw. I can't paint. The last time I worked on my mother's sewing machine, I broke the needle. I have no patience to complete a drawing. I will draw on one side of a drawing paper, rub and redraw a gazillion times, get fedup and draw on the other side. Do the same thing. And guess what happens to the drawing? It doesn't happen. The paper end up on the wastepaper basket. I've got rubber dust everywhere on my desk and if that is not enough, I curse the task and cry. Hahaha The closest success I ever achieved with drawing is by using oil pastel...maybe because it allows me to have better control on how I can shade a tree. The drawing bit had to kill me first before I get to fill the pictures with the oil pastel. 15 years old was the last time I ever get myself near any art tasks! *Ask my bestfriend and she will tell you how much I suck at arts....I guess we both suck...*

Stitching Memories....
Despite the "nigthmare" I spilled above, I love cross-stitch. My first encounter was when I was 8;  18years ogo (I'm ancient). I remember having checkered green and white piece of cloth from school to practice cross-stitch. I was soooooooo occupied with it for weeks! It died after the project is completed as no one around could encourage the passion and no doubt no aida to spill the passion to.

When I was 10years old, I was re-introduced to stitching. This time on plastic canvas. I remember vividly about that bit but one thing I do remember is that I did not finish the project. I was supposed to stitch up the pieces of plastic canvas I've finished stitching on to make a pencil case. It did not happen. Can't remember what happened to it too. *ROFL*

Now at 26years old, cross-stitch resurfaced during my unpaid leave period. I suddenly just walked into a Borders bookstore and got myself a copy of Cross Stitch Crazy and Cross Stitch Collection. The next day, I went to a handicraft shop nearby my in-laws' place and got a piece of 14-count aida cloth, some needles, some skein of DMC threads and a hoop. After the little shopping spree, I hurried home just to get started.

More entries to come on my journey into my crafty cubbyhole. ;)