Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thalia A4 Logo

This has got to be the biggest piece I have completed and the only piece which brought in some money to my pocket. :p

I have regenerated the pattern for this logo a million of times until it have me something I am happy with. The letters were easy to figure but the little flower on top the 3 letters(ali) were a little bit tough and knowing me, I would like to have the closest result to the actual flower.

I took the actual logo to the handicraft shop and tried to math the colour that made the little flower. It turned out to have 5 different colour. To pick he colours of threads was fu. But the drawing bit, almost killed me because I can't draw. Hahaha I had drafted te little flower in my graph book many times until I decided to simply draw it on the red aida with the washable ink. And no, I didn't have to erase anything on the cloth. One try, tadaa! Then I stitched! Should have just drawn on the cloth from the very beginning. "=.=

Completed this in 1 an a 1/2 week. Not too bad. Looked simple but it still took some time.

Red Aida was used as the background as there are a lot of red and no way I'm gonna stitch that amount of red. I have used white felt to be the border which I think is great because it give a good finishing to the piece(it is also how the actual logo looks like) and it obviously saved time! Sooooo more time to stitch more pieces. ;)

Anyhow, here it is! It is now placed somewhere in Thalia office. May it make it to the next fair.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cute Birdie Burpday Card

Bumped into this cute birdie pattern in one of the cross stitch mags I've started getting addicted to.

Honestly, I wasn't sure what I want to do with this cute pattern until I was done stitching it. Made it into a card with matching felt and card. :)

Gotta say it turned out super cute and since the size is manageable and the pattern is not complicated, it was completed just in time for a dear friend's birthday.

p/s: My first time attaching beads to my cross-stitch happened here; the birdies' eyes. ;)

PacMan Bookmark

First bookmark. First design work done. Simple design but I have to say it is time consuming as the aida is fully stitched; white aida was used coz I didn't want to spend time looking for the right shade of dark blue aida and I only needed a little bit of cloth for this. :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Poppy for Mommy

My very first piece. Pattern from one of the mags. Many around me doubted my patience to complete this but tadaa! Completed after 40hours! Not bad at all I guess. The estimated time for this piece is 40hours. ;) Did a few mistakes in counting the stitch but I adjusted a few boxes to fix it.

Lesson learned :
1. Backstitch is easy when not done on stitches. When done on stitches, extra care is required to ensure existing stitches are not affected.
2. Do not be stingy on the aida cloth! Make sure the edges are secured nicely on the hoop.
3. Count the stitch. Count the stitch. Count the stitch.

p/s: Poppy flower is one of my fav. To stitch! :)

Finished with a piece of pink blue-dotted paper.